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Cyber Acoustics CA

Cyber Acoustics: How the Products Stack up Against the Competition

The studies have been done, and the science is solid -- listening to music while you work makes you more productive and more creative. That doesn't need to hold true just for work, either....
AKG D5 vocal microphone

AKG D5 Dynamic Microphone Review: Should You Buy?

If you stop to think about it, microphones have it tough. You yell at them, spit on them, even drop them. The AKG D5 dynamic microphone can take a lot of abuse and keep...
AKG D112 MKII Bass Drum

AKG D112: A Look Back at This Excellent Classic Kick Drum Microphone

The AKG D112 is a kick drum microphone that delivers excellent sound quality with reasonable pricing. This classic mic is well-loved by musicians.

The Best Wireless Microphone: 7 Models You Need to Know in 2019

After watching a moving onstage performance, many budding singers have one thing on their mind – they want to sound like that. To sound that pitch perfect, they need to get themselves the best...
woman playing guitar while singing

Shure SM58S Review: Is It the Best Live Vocal Dynamic Mic?

In some ways, I’d say we all already know the answers to your questions about the Shure SM58S. We may not realize it, but we’ve heard it countless times. It’s a popular version of...